What is OGPI?

OGPI (Oficina de Gestión de Proyectos Institucionales / Institutional Project Management Office) is the body of the University of Alicante devoted to the promotion and management of international projects. OGPI offers services on the development of proposals to international calls, training or consultancy services. Our main background is project planning and management in the field of higher education, including capacity building and research projects.

Our background

OGPI not only brings together an experienced team. It internalises and takes advantage of that team’s experience. An accumulated experience working in international projects of over 15 years at senior level means we have come across almost every type of situation possible. Our background includes both scientific and cooperation projects in a wide range of topics. OGPI began its journey in the year 2002, with only two staff members and one international project. Since that time, OGPI has grown, been completely self-financing, and reaching a total of over 20 staff members and more than 200 projects. OGPI branched out into consulting, coaching and training courses in recent times with a large degree of success.

Our partners

To carry out our collaborative work, OGPI has built up an extensive and highly diverse contact network across Europe and the globe. Our contacts include everything from individual experts to national authorities, universities to national patent offices. We have partners in a range of themes and fields from more than 110 countries in the World, and we are experts in consortium development and contact building.

Where we work

OGPI has worked in over 110 countries worldwide: from Europe to Africa, Asia to Latin America, the Middle East to the Caribbean. Projects are usually regionally based, but there are a number of initiatives, which match territories from different and far-reaching areas of the globe into one venture. What’s important for is that there is a common ground and mutual benefit.