On December 17th, 2020, took place the 1st On-line Conference of the ANTENA project entitled Internationalization of Research, coordinated by the University of Alicante. This activity is the beginning of a series of conferences whose objective is to present topics of interest to the partners within the framework of the project, as well as to open a space to share good practices and enriching experiences of the consortium. This initiative arises to keep learning active and temporarily replace the project's training plan until global mobility is activated and ANTENA's face-to-face workshops and activities are resumed.

This on-line conference was in the hands of Dr. Roberto Escarré, Research Management Service Director of the University of Alicante, where he shared the theory, motivations, measurement as well as institutional and individual practices in the matter. Dr. Escarré pointed out that, "Internationalization of Research" is the result of expressions of international dimension in scientific policies, in the multiple actors involved, in scientific activities, in the dissemination of results, as well as in the impacts associated with it ( Sebastian, 2019). Subsequently, Dr. Christophe Terrasse, EFMD Director of International Projects shared EFMD's recommendations on Internationalization of research and concluded that “there is no single model of international research, international research must be in line with the mission and vision of the University and international research it is one of the dimensions of quality and cannot be assessed individually.”

Seven Philippines Higher Education institutions, partners of the ANTENA project, present their good practices and lessons learned in the field of Internationalization of Research. ADMU, BSU, CLSU, MSU-IIT, XU, USC and UP shared recognition and incentive plans, initiatives, procedures and expectations that they currently practice to strengthen the Internationalization of Research in their respective institutions.

Definitely, this series of On-line Conferences will contribute to the main objective of the ANTENA project, which is "to increase the academic quality and research of universities in the Philippines through the development of internationalization capacities."