On September 28th the training course “Digital financial literacy for seniors” developed in the framework of the DEFINE project "Digitalized Financial Education for Seniors - Interactive Scenario Gaming Solutions for Increasing Online Financial Literacy of Seniors - DEFINE" was inaugurated by Ms Marian Alesón, Head of the Permanent University of the University of Alicante and Ms Noelia Lopez, Senior Project Manager of UA Institutional Project Management Office.

Twenty seniors are taking this course aiming at increasing their kills on IT and on-line financial management services. This face-to-face course, funded by Erasmus+ programme, is a 32-hour pilot course, divided in five modules, that will be implemented from 28th September until 26th October at the University of Alicante (Sede Ramón y Cajal).

The course will be delivered by five professors of the University of Alicante and two representatives of the Santander Bank will collaborate in the implementation of the modules “on-line banking”, “on-line security and data protection” and “Alternative payment methods”.

The DEFINE project aims to help seniors (female and male above the age of 60 years) to increase the online financial literacy skills and competences on a horizontal level. This is connected with the main aim of the project which is to upgrade seniors´ skills in handling online financial management services, to increase their active participation at financial markets again, to decrease their costs of participation due to upgraded online IT skills, to enhance their investment possibilities and understanding which leads to a minimization of disadvantages and fraud of this target group.