From 14th to 15th of January 2020, OGPI Senior Project Manager, Noelia López, participated in the DEFINE project Kick-off meeting that took place in Paris. During the two-day meeting, representatives from the 7 partner institutions from Austria, Denmark, Spain, Italy and France were gathered to decide the content of the DEFINE training about online banking and finances, specially tailored for seniors. OGPI representative made a presentation on the quality plan for the project, the desk research and the focus group conducted, in which attendees shared their views on existing trainings and best practices on digitalized financial education, the needs of seniors in the area of financial education and digital skills and gaps between existing trainings and training needs.

The DEFINE project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and aims to help seniors (female and male above the age of 60 years) to increase the online financial literacy skills and competences on a horizontal level. This is connected with the main aim of the project which is to upgrade seniors´ skills in handling online financial management services, to increase their active participation at financial markets again, to decrease their costs of participation due to upgraded online IT skills, to enhance their investment possibilities and understanding which leads to a minimization of disadvantages and fraud of this target group.