This coming June 30th, the Horizon2020 research project FotoH2, will have reached the mid-point of its 3 year contract and will have to report to the European Commission on the progress made regarding the design and development of a photoelectrochemical device capable of producing the direct conversion of solar energy into chemical energy contained in the bonds of hydrogen molecules.


To prepare this report, as well as review latest results and plan for the next months’ work, the FotoH2 consortium gathered at Hygear in Arnhem, the Netherlands, on June 13th and 14th, in their fourth face to face meeting. A key result of the recently completed modeling phase provided the computational proof that the FotoH2 architecture makes the prototype’s efficiency goals feasible.


FotoH2 is financed by the European Commission through the Horizon2020 program, and is coordinated by the University of Alicante. More information is available in the project website.