Thirty representatives of four Indonesian universities have visited the University of Alicante to work in the INSPIRE project, an erasmus+ project that aims to boost social entrepreneurship in Indonesian higher education institutions. Juan Llopis, Vice Chancellor of International Relations of the UA, welcomed the representatives from the Indonesian Universities involved in this project, which was launched in October 2017 and will end in 2020, aims to promote business mentality and innovation in higher education institutions in Indonesia, strengthening cooperation between the university and the company for a better employability of social entrepreneurs, and increase their relevance to the labor market and society.

During the meeting the European partners have developed different training modules on entrepreneurship and social innovation that will be replicated in the Indonesian Universities. The first module, coordinated by Cracrow University, started with a case study on comercial outputs of a social enterprise and continued with different sessions on different methods to approach business canvas,sales speech & validation of ideas. Second module was coordinated by University of Alicante and was focused on the development of social innovation business models. During the final session coordinated by FHJ our Indonesian partners presented their group results.