The V2WORK project, coordinated by the University of Alicante, held its second training of trainers module at the Industrial University of Vinh, in Vinh City, Vietnam. The module, for Career Centre staff from eight universities in Vietnam, was delivered by staff from the University of Alicante and the University of Coimbra from October 16th to 18th.


Centred on the Labour Market and the global economy, and the identification of trends on employability for graduates, the training module aimed at:

  • Offering knowledge on methodologies and tools for the analysis of labour markets
  • Identifying different strategies for university observatories to improve the career centres’ ability to prepare students and graduates for the labour market
  • Identifying ways to use the labour observatories’ outputs to assess the universities in terms of employability of their students and graduates.

Through presentations and discussion sessions, the participants were able to understand how these issues are addressed at universities in Europe, and how these universities benefit from the data provided by the labour observatories, as well as to work on how similar initiatives could be started in Vietnamese universities. Through the discussions it became apparent that the greatest challenges the Vietnamese university Career Centres face with this issue is access to reliable data at the national level, highlighting the importance for them to work together as a network to generate and share the necessary data and present a unified voice at a national level.