No. 3

May 17, 2017

LikeHOME focus group to define migrants needs

A focus group meeting of the Erasmus + project LikeHOME, Assessing and recognizing the prior learning of migrants, took place last Monday at the University of Alicante with the participation of two immigrants (from Morocco and Venezuela), a university student of immigrant parents, an educator, a teacher and a lawyer from the Spanish jurisdiction, an intercultural mediator from an educational center, a local government official in the immigrant and refugee reception in Alicante. The focus group was coordinated by Prof. Asunción Lledó, Prof. Gonzalo Lorenzo and Prof. Rosabel Roig-Vila, from the University of Alicante.
The objective of this focus group was to define the administrative obstacles the inmigrants find when they arrive to Europe. During the meeting, the participants analysed, as well, the results obtained in the survey carried out by LikeHOME and shared their experience as new arrived refugees that no have evidence of their training in their own country, in order to improve the recognition process. To conclude, the focus group discussed about the Likehome digital platform


PROMIG Study Visit at the University of Alicante

These days, 15-17 of May, the University of Alicante is hosting the Study Visit of the Erasmus+ project PROMIG, coordinated by the Tbilisi State University from Georgia. The aim of the project is to develop the interdisciplinary MA program in migration studies at Kabul and Tabesh Universities of Afghanistan, establish Migration Competence Centre able to became the main migration oriented research unit and enhance preparation of research papers in migration studies as well as organise an Inter-cultural Forum for students from Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and EU countries to discuss primary reasons motivating migration processes world wide in the form of annual Summer School.

The specific objectives of the visit are: Learn about the contemporary methodologies applied in migration studies and promote reliable migration related research; get to know the experience of UA in delivering diverse courses in the field of interdisciplinary migration curriculum; and deepen knowledge in the field of migration.


3rd ENHANCE Training Workshop, In Vietnam

This week is taking place at An Giang University, Long Xuyen City, Vietnam the 3rd training Workshop "Formalised Procedures: Intellectual Property, contractual framework; internal approval process" in the framework of the Erasmus+ project ENHANCE Strengthening National Research and Innovation Capacities in Vietnam. The training is being delivered by the SlovenkÁ TechinickÁ Univerzita V Bratislave and Ms. Noelia López, Senior Project Manager at OGPI, is participating. The main aim of this training workshop is to increase the knowledge of participants on key topics for a better Research and Innovation management and implementation. As a result of this workshop, participants will have a better knowledge on the principles of Intellectual Property Rights and copyright protection, will understand the different types of Intellectual Property and the principles of internal approval of R&I institutions for research proposals. 

Following the training workshop, on Thursday 18th, it will take place the 2nd National Workshop “Strategies for Commercialization of Research Products”. The Objective of the 2nd ENHANCE National Workshop is to foster a discussion on possible improvements of services, especially commercialization or research products, provided to research groups and industry by Research and Innovation (R&I) Units at VIET HEIs.

ENHANCE operates at a macro level targeting the Vietnamese Higher Education system (Research & Innovation Management and Implementation). Thanks to a complementary consortium involving 6 of the most relevant Vietnamese Higher Education Institutions with geographical balance, 3 European Higher Education Institutions with large experience in Research & Innovation and international cooperation and the participation of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The project is in line with national priorities that give a predominant role to Research & Innovation in the mid/long term and its activities have been designed as a response to Vietnam real needs.


INDOEDUC4ALL, a new project for Ensuring Access and Quality Education for Students with Disabilities in Indonesian Universities

The University of Alicante hosted last week the Kick-off Meeting and the first Study Visit of the INDOEDUC4ALL project. The project, titled Ensuring Access and Quality Education for Students with Disabilities in Indonesian Universities, is funded by the Erasmus+ programme. Under the coordination of UA, it involves Higher Education Institutions and NGOs from Indonesia, but also counts with the participation of two EU universities, from the United Kingdom (Glasgow Caledonian University) and Greece (University of Piraeus Research Centre).

During those days, participants discussed on key issues for a high quality and effective project implementation to set solid basis towards the achievement of relevant and sustainable results. They also haved an in-depth look at the University of Alicante practices in the field of support to students with special needs.

The INDOEDUC4ALL project will help universities to develop the capacity of its members, leaders, professors, and administrative staff and other stakeholders, in addressing the educational need of students with disabilities. Modern disability support centres will be created and equipped with assistive technologies, as contribution towards the improvement and with views to ensure the accessibility of the teaching-learning processes. With this objective in mind, the project activities will actively involve students with disabilities to ensure the relevance of the future project results. A network will be set up and enlarged beyond the project consortium and will used as main platform to exchange good practices and to foster national coordination and cooperation in the field.  


Study visit on finalization of the legal documents of KSU held in Salzburg

Last April 24th and 25th we were at University of Paris-Lodron Salzburg to finalise the legal documents that support the functioning of the Kosovo National Student Union with University of Edinburgh and Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Ministry of Education Kosovo, WUS Kosovo and representatives of the various universities and students’ unions in Kosovo in the framework of Tempus Project SIHEKSU.

The TEMPUS project: Support to the Internationalization of Kosova Higher Education System through establishment of the Kosova Students’ UnionSIHEKSU, is funded by the European Commission through TEMPUS programme which supports the University on achieving the objectives of the Bologna Process, Strategy and Higher Education in Kosova.

The wider project objective is to support internationalization of Kosova Higher Education through establishment of the Kosova Students’ Union. Thus, the Project aims to support the University on acheiving the objectives of the Bologna Process, Strategy and Higher Education in Kosova for 2005-2015, Kosova Strategic Plan 2011-2016, Europe 2020 Strategy, the Strategic framework for European Cooperation in education and training (ET 2020), the the related area in order to facilitate the integration of Kosovo into European Higher Education area.


Second IHEI Workshop ‘International Strategic Planning‘, in Iran

The second IHEI Workshop ‘International Strategic Planning‘ organised in the framework of the IHEI project, financed by the European Commission through the ERASMUS+, took place on 19-21 April 2017 and was hosted by Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, in Mashhad, Iran.
The 20 representatives of the 6 Iranian and 2 European universities were welcome by Dr. Hashemi, FUM Vice President for Academic Affairs. Glasgow Caledonian University was the provider of the workshop attended by some representatives from Iranian Education and Foreign Affairs Ministries as well.
The IHEI project is coordinated by the University of Alicante, its aim is to raise the International Relations capacities of Iranian Higher Education Institutions by increasing their potential openness and reducing barriers for fluid international exchanges. Hence, IHEI will strengthen the international dimension of the Iranian higher education system via transfer of know-how, management capacities and good practices. Through the engagement of 6 Iranian universities, five different administrative regions of the Islamic republic of Iran are triggered. Additionally, 3 European partners are committed to IHEI´s goals. Through this project, the First National Network Internationalisation of Higher Education will be developed to harmonise internationalisation practices at a national level.


International Conference about 'Third Age Education', in Baku

The International conference Third Age Education: East and West Experience took place between 21-22 of April in Baku (Azerbaijan) in the framework of TEMPUS CTAE project. The conference aims to disseminate the project best practices on creation and ensuring the institutional and financial sustainability of the national system of Centers of the 'Third Age' Education for the implementation of priority directions of the Madrid International Plan of Action on population ageing, as well as social, cultural and political contribution of senior people for community and their effective participation in the decision-making at all levels. University of Alicante, one of the CTAE project partners, was represented by OGPI Project manager Olga Bloshchinska.