Today, Iván Rodríguez, Project Manager at the Technology Transfer Service of the University of Alicante, and Noelia López, Senior Project Manager at OGPI, are participating in the 1st National Workshop Brokerage event that is taking place at Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, in Vietnam, in the framework of the Erasmus+ project ENHANCE Strengthening National Research and Innovation Capacities in Vietnam. The main aim of this National Workshop is to strength the links between academia and industry fostering joint initiatives in the field of research and innovation. Following this 1st National Workshop, the 2nd Training Workshop Research Management will take place on Thursday and Friday.

The final meeting of the Erasmus+ project sportGO How to lead a sport club to a successful future has taken place in February 16th and 17th in Szombathely, Hungary. The main aim of the meeting was to present the results of the pilot training for amateur sport club managers conducted by each partner country (Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia and Spain) in November and December 2016.

Noelia López, Senior Project Manager at OGPI, has participated in the meeting presenting the results of the pilot training conducted at the University of Alicante from 25th November to 10th December 2016. This pilot course was attended by 14 representatives from several amateur sports clubs in Alicante (athletics, tennis, table tennis, taekwondo, indoor football, mountain, volleyball, swimming, etc.).

Promig kick off meetingThese days the kick off meeting of the newly selected Erasmus+ project PROMIG Promoting Migration Studies in Higher Education is taking place at the Tbilisi State University (Georgia).

The Consortium is built up by three EU universities and one Non-university partner together with six universities from South Caucasus Region and two universities from Afghanistan. The project is a follow-up of the previous TEMPUS project UNIMIG with the inclusion of Afghanistan, which happens to be the first time for Afghan Institutions to participate in EU funded programmes. The OGPI member, Olga Bloshchinska, is taking part in the meeting on behalf of the University of Alicante.

Rossana Pinna and Inmaculada Caturla have been in Brussels January 25th and 26th participating in the Conference Capacity Building for Higher Education Project Representatives Meeting.
The OGPI Financial Management experts have been representing two winning projects in the last ERASMUS + K2 call (Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education EAC / A04 / 2015). In particular, they presesented REACT project (Strengthening climate change REsearch And innovation CapaciTies in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) and INDOEDUC4ALL (Ensuring Access and Quality Education for Students with Disabilities in Indonesian Universities).

The newly selected E+ KA2 project "Ensuring Access and Quality Education for Students with Disabilities in Indonesian Universities / INDOEDUC4ALL", coordinated by UA, is now online on the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform.

Rosabel Roig-Vila, cientific director of LikeHome has explained the project today on the Cadena SER radio station. 

   Picture by Isabel Ramón

Yesterday took place in the University of Alicante a Management Meeting where we reviewed the project progress and developed specific action plans.

ALdia brings together experts in the fields of inclusive education methodology and practice (University of Alicante), e-learning systems (UPRC), innovatory learning methodologies and VET accreditation (CESIE), accessible training (Fondo Formacion Euskadi) and disability research (Four Elements).