INDOEDUC4ALL project members reunited in Alicante in order to participate in a training on Assistive Technology delivered by the experts from the Student Support Center of the University of Alicante from 16th to 20th Sept. 14 representatives from the Indonesian HEIs visited the University of Alicante and partook in the capacity building initiative, being introduced to innovative tools on inclusion and teaching methodologies across all ranges of disability, centered around Assistive Technologies (AT). This activity was held within the framework of the INDOEDUC4ALL project, an Erasmus+ project for Capacity Building in Higher Education cofounded by the European Union.


By doing so, INDOEDUC4ALL reinforces the AT Equipment purchase, an activity held within the framework of the WP4 of the project, generating sharing knowledge on AT management and application of these tools to the environment of the Indonesian HE system. In addition, partners also took the opportunity to organize a project meeting polishing the last strategies to finalise INDOEDUC4ALL project.

Hosted by Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, the FREE Network Final Conference “Generating Innovation from research-based entrepreneurship: the Role of Higher Education Institutions in Central America” took place on the 10th and 11th September 2019, in Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá, organised by the International Project Management Office of the University of Alicante with the support of Universidad del Istmo.


The main objective of the conference was to promote the project visibility and present the project results, specifically officially launch the Innovation Support Offices (ISOs) Network established in the framework of the project in order to promote memberships from new members.  Also, the aim of the conference was to raise awareness of the key role of the ISOs for supporting spin-off creation in Central America. In this sense, the recently established ISOs were presented by project partners.  

On the 12h July the UA team took part of the ICSE conference “Elevating Innovation for Sustainable Development of Special Needs Education-ICSE” conference organized by UNESA. 

During the Plenary Session, Dr. Roberto Escarré presented the INDOEDUC4ALL project and discussed about the Implementation of Inclusive Education in Higher Education in Europe. INDOEDUC4ALL is a capacity building project, funded by the European Commission, aimed at supporting Indonesian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the development of capacities of its members in addressing the educational need of students with disabilities. The project will also help partner universities to ensure education accessibility for students with disabilities, building up Disability Support Units equipped with assistive technologies.

On the 20-25th May, 4 students from South East Asia participated in the social innovation week organized by the UA as part of the SEASIN project financed under the Erasmus + programme. 

The week experience on social innovation focused on improving students’ understanding on social innovation (education, support for social innovation projects and enterprises etc.) in Europe. During the social innovation week SEASIN students met some of the social innovation projects from Alicante and speak with it main actors. They has also the chance to interacted with students from the University of North Florida (U.S) during the international social innovation course provided by Prof. Enric Bas, Director of Futurlab.

On July 15 and 16 took place the first ANTENA Project’s First National Round Table and Coordination Meeting, held at De La Salle University (DLSU) in Manila (The Philippines). ANTENA Project, an initiative co-funded by the European Commission and coordinated by OGPI, aims to boost the internationalization of Philippine higher education institutions (HEIs).

During the event initial findings from the national survey it conducted on internationalization in and of Philippine HEIs. ADMU School of Management-Business Resource Center Director John Luis Lagdameo pointed out the top four barriers to mobility in three sectors (student, faculty, and administration and staff):

Institutional Entrepreneurship & Employability Programme manager, Víctor Climent and OGPI Senior Project Manager, Noelia López, participated on 9th and 10th of July 2019, in the 4thINSPIRE Project Meeting and Mentoring workshop that took place at Cracow University of Economics in Poland. During the management meeting, the current state of project activities and results were discussed, the mid-term report and first external evaluation report were presented and participants met with social entrepreneurs and the local Department of Entrepreneurship. Indonesian partners presented the outcomes of the Business Plan Competition and selected examples of business plans of social enterprises. Most of these students’ projects focused on local resources, traditions and empowering local communities.

The IPA4SME call that supports and facilitates the use of Intellectual Property by SMEs has been re-opened on 8 July 2019, given the overwhelming response to the first cut-off date of the IPA4SME Action, and the initially allocated budget not being sufficient to provide support to all of the services requested by the applicants. For this reason, new Rules for Implementation are being defined in order to increase budget flexibility in the future.

We encourage eligible applicants to apply as soon as possible. Parties that have submitted an application to the first cut-off date will have the option to resubmit their previous application. The new cut-off date is Thursday 26 September 2019.

This coming June 30th, the Horizon2020 research project FotoH2, will have reached the mid-point of its 3 year contract and will have to report to the European Commission on the progress made regarding the design and development of a photoelectrochemical device capable of producing the direct conversion of solar energy into chemical energy contained in the bonds of hydrogen molecules.


To prepare this report, as well as review latest results and plan for the next months’ work, the FotoH2 consortium gathered at Hygear in Arnhem, the Netherlands, on June 13th and 14th, in their fourth face to face meeting. A key result of the recently completed modeling phase provided the computational proof that the FotoH2 architecture makes the prototype’s efficiency goals feasible.

Dr. Oana M. Driha, Assist. Professor, Department of Applied Economics International Economy, Institute of Tourism Research and OGPI Senior Project Manager, Noelia López, participated from the 12th until the 14th of June 2019, in the 3rd TOURIST project management meeting that took place at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The first two days were devoted to discuss the progress of the project and to fully concentrate on the technical and operational implementation of the seven competence centres at partner universities as well as the creation of an international network to increase impacts of sustainability in tourism.
The third day of the meeting was dedicated to a study visit that focused on getting to more know about community-based tourism in the area of Chiang Mai.

From 21st-24th May 2019 researchers from University of Alicante took part in a seminar on Communication and Stereotypes hold in Dietzenbach (Germany). This activity was the 8th seminar developed in the context of WIR Project, a project funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme (European Commission) focusing on the challenge of facing the migration phenomenon and the welcoming and integration of refugees. This project is developed by a large partnership composed of 7 European countries (Sweden, Italy, Latvia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Finland) with 6 public authorities, 2 associations and one University.