V2WORK project partners, in the University of Alicante

The University of Alicante has welcomed today the partners of the V2WORK project in its Campus of San Vicente del Raspeig for the Kick off Meeting of 'Strengthening the Vietnamese Higher Educatin System to Improve Graduates Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills'  (V2WORK ), a project coordinated by the University of Alicante and co-funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus + program. 

The V2WORK project objective is to strengthen the capabilities of the higher education system of Vietnam to improve the employability and entrepreneurship skills of its students and graduates, and strengthen its relations with the labor market.

3rd Training Workshop “Technology Transfer: Key Agreements and Role of HEIs”

Last week, from 27th February to 1st March, the 3rd Training Workshop Technology Transfer: Key Agreements and Role of HEIs” of the FREE Network Project“ was hosted by the Universidad Galileo and Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala in Guatemala City and Antigua, Guatemala.

MEANING project participants, in the University of Alicante. 

The 4 days Kick-off meeting and Study Visit of MEANING (Master Programme in Industrial Engineering for El Salvador and Guatemala) carried out at the University of Alicante have just concluded. This new ERASMUS+ capacity building initiative involves the Salvadorian universities of  UTEC and UES, USAC and URL in Guatemala, and the European universities of Alicante, Cork and Maribour.
With the aim of enhancing Higher Education sector modernisation and increasing employability of students in the field of Industrial Engineering in El Salvador and Guatemala, MEANING, coordinated by UTEC, is an excellent opportunity to develop, cooperate and exchange good practices in the field of curriculum development. 

The KoM has been an excellent opportunity of dialogue and start up of the activities.

Prof. Tran Dinh Lam and Cristina Beans.
Prof. Tran Dinh Lam and Cristina Beans.

OGPI senior project manager Cristina Beans and Prof. Tran Dinh Lam from Ho Chi Minh University of Social Sciences and Humanities recently participated in the 2018 Kick-off Meeting for Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education projects, from January 29th to 30th, 2018.

The FotoH2 project team in the University of Alicante.
The FotoH2 team, in the University of Alicante. 

One of the main challenges of the 21st century is to solve the growing energy demand to cope with the depletion of fossil fuels, as well as reduce CO2 emissions. In this sense, artificial photosynthesis is presented as one of the most sustainable techniques to obtain hydrogen as fuel from two resources as abundant as solar energy and water. The European FotoH2 project, coordinated by the University of Alicante, focuses precisely on the design and development of a photoelectrochemical device capable of producing the direct conversion of solar energy into chemical energy contained in the bonds of hydrogen molecules.

IHEI National Seminar
IHEI National Seminar.

On Wednesday 7 February 2018, Allameh Tabataba'i University held the first National Seminar on Internationalisation of Higher Education in Iran (IHEI) in partnership with universities of Shiraz, Ferdowsi (Mashhad), Shahid Chamran (Ahvaz), Kurdistan, and Sistan and Baluchestan. The Seminar included six panels where directors of International Academic Cooperation from six Iranian universities presented their papers on the relevant issues in the field.

ALdia project presentation in Jogyakarta.

Within the framework of the ALdia Project dissemination activities, this innovative training and accreditation methodology on disability and inclusion practices in Higher Education and VET institutions was presented in Jogyakarta (Indonesia), taking advantadge of the celebration of the International Conference of the INDOEDUC4ALL project in this country.

Noelia López during the meeting in Gratz.

This week representatives from universities in Europe and Indonesia met in Graz, Austria, to kick-off the Erasmus+ project INSPIRE  (Introducing Social Entrepreneurship in Indonesian Higher Education), coordinated by FH JOANNEUM University and in which the University of Alicante is a partner as leader of the Exploration & Knowledge Transfer and the Quality Assurance work packages. The UA was represented by OGPI senior project manager Noelia López and by Institutional Entrepreneurship & Employability Programme manager Víctor Climent. 

Participants in the FREE Network training workshop.

Last week, from 14th to 16th November, the 1st Training Workshop, "Knowledge Transfer, Technology Identification, Business Models & Business Planning", of the FREE Network Project was hosted by the Universidad Americana in Managua, Nicaragua.

Some of the participants in the training workshop.

The 4th Training Workshop on 'Exploitation and Commercialisation: Research Evaluation and spin-off Creation' took place on the 25-26th of October, 2017 at Can Tho University (CTU), Can Tho city Vietnam. The workshop, delivered by SlovenkÁ TechinickÁ Univerzita V Bratislave (STUBA), was co-organised by CTU and the University of Alicante (UA), coordinator of the ENHANCE project. There were 56 participants involved from 3 EU & 6 Vietnamese Universities. The training was also attended by representatives of 2 Ministries: MOST & MOET.