10/15/2013 to 10/15/2016

IP-MED is conceived as an integrated action to join the efforts of policy-makers and universities in the ENPI South region to tackle the abovementioned challenges. The introduction of a Master Programme in IP Law and practice in line with the Bologna requirements will help improve the competitiveness of professionals in the region and at the global level, contributing to better employment opportunities and international cooperation perspectives. In addition, and complementary to the IP Law studies, two main outcomes are envisaged: an IP Law Web Portal, which will be set up at the ENPI South partner universities to serve as a point of reference in the matter for their students and teachers but also for other universities in the region; and a Regional Network of IP Law Practitioners, which will be launched at the end of the project, as a professional platform and mechanism towards the sustainability of the project results.

Innovation and Research Management, Intellectual Property and Use of Research Results
An-najah National University
  1. An-najah National University
  2. Helwan University
  3. Tallinn University of Technology
  4. Mutah University
  5. Business Park for Project Development
  6. University of Maastricht
  7. Al-Quds University
  8. Zarqa university
  9. Information Technology Industry Development Agency
  10. Ministry of National Economy
Geographical Area:
Middle East