Training for EU-Liaison Officers in Croatian Universities: Pursuing Bologna and EU Integration Aims

06/01/2007 to 06/30/2008

The TRIUMPH project objective was to support the further progress in reforming Croatian Higher Education according to the Bologna principles and its integration into European Research and Education Area by establishing a nation-wide network of EU-liaison officers based on major Croatian Universities.

In order to achieve this objective the following set of specific objectives were pursued:
• Identify the most urgent training needs of Croatian University community in the field of EU research policies, objectives and mechanisms as well as practical aspects of partnering and EU research project management.
• Develop a training measure tailored to the target.
• Audience of University staff members and enabling them to serve their Universities as EU liaison officers
• Deliver a series of training actions to a group of selected EU liaison officers.
• Disseminate the obtained results in the country, to promote the network and ensure its sustainable operation beyond the project framework.
• Coordinate and ensure coherence between the project and other relevant initiatives.

University-Industry Cooperation
  1. Saarland University
  3. University of Split
  4. University of Rijeka
  5. University of Zagreb
  6. University of Dubrovnik
  7. Agency for Science and Higher Education
  8. University of Zadar
Geographical Area:
Eastern Europe