01/01/2009 to 06/30/2011

Conditions contributing to food security and livelihood of the African population continue to deteriorate. Yet African universities, in general, and Agricultural and Forestry faculties in particular, are lagging behind in providing high quality and relevant programs which can respond to the current and emerging needs of the labour market.

Recognising the challenges and opportunities ahead, the University of Dschang, the University of Ghana and the Federal University of Technology Akure collaborate with the University of Alicante and Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg to actively improve the standard of professional training, as well as strengthen university management capacities.

Specifically, the project “European-African Network to improve HEIs in Agriculture and Forestry based on new labour market needs" (AFOLM) aims to enhance capacity of faculties in identifying the dynamic needs of the labour market and to effectively reflect these needs through an enhanced curriculum.
The overall objective is to improve quality and relevant training in agriculture and forestry in Africa (Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria) by strengthening capacities and exchanging experiences between and within universities of Africa and Europe. AFOLM is an ACP Edulink project aimed at enhancing the capacity of faculties of partner universities in Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria to identify the dynamic needs of the labour market. AFOLM therefore works to effectively reflecting these needs through an enhanced curriculum. Challenges in Agriculture & Forestry in universities of Cameroon, Ghana & Nigeria

Training programmes in agriculture & forestry faculties are no longer consistent with the needs of the labour market. Challenges are:
- Poor communication channels between public/private stakeholders and universities with regards to designing training programmes
- Lack of capacity to locate funding opportunities for staff & students, and
- Lack of knowledge sharing between and within the institutions.
This translated in the following specific objectives:
1. Enhancement of the management of faculty resources in upgrading the quality of the study programme by identifying new needs of the labour market and incorporating them into the curricula.
2. Development of a more efficient management strategy in the faculties, and
3. Upgrade of relevant training equipment in faculties.

Innovation and Research Management
  2. University of Freiburg
  3. University of Dschang
  4. Federal University of Technology
  5. University of Ghana
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