11/01/2013 to 04/30/2016

With applications in a broad variety of sectors, bio-technological and bio-chemical research represents the main innovation driver of the European bio-economy, leading to new growth and competitiveness in the traditional food and agricultural sectors, as well as supporting the creation
of emerging sectors, such as novel bio-based products and biofuels1. As such, innovation with respect to the agro-food industry and the attainment of sustainable agriculture comes in particular
1. the identification and development of new high added-value bio-products and bioprocesses,
2. the identification and use of novel, sustainable and environmentally friendly production and cultivation methods for crops and bio-based materials,
3. the development and application of novel methods and technologies for high quality food
production and processing.
As such, CINEA brings together a consortium of leading scientific research institutions and carriers
of innovation from the Mediterranean Partner region (CBS, USMBA, FSS, INRAA)) and Europe (CNRS, CENTA), the relevant associations, promoters and representatives of industry and technology transfer in the target countries (CGEM, API, ANVREDET) as well as THE reference organisation for innovation and technology transfer in Europe (UAGF). In doing so, CINEA’s capacity building measures and best practice will be provided only by the best and most excellent partners whose expertise does not only cover the fields with major innovation potential for the agricultural sector and the agro-food industry (see above), but also all issues along the knowledge value chain (including exploitation and IPR management, business planning and start-up, organisation of knowledge transfer between research and industry, establishment of strategic industrial partnerships, access to industrial networks etc.). The consortium will be led by GIRAF who has not only outstanding experience in EU project management and innovation training (including in particular process analysis and optimisation), but also acts as technology provider for the Central R2I Helpdesk and community portal.

Innovation and Research Management, Intellectual Property and Use of Research Results
GIRAF PM Services GmbH
  1. GIRAF PM Services GmbH
  2. Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah
  3. University of Sfax
  4. Confédération Générale des Entreprises du Maroc
  6. Agence de Promotion de l'Industrie et de l'Innovation
  7. Centre de la Recherche Scientifique
  8. Centre for New Food Technologies and Processes
  9. Centre for Biotechnology de S'Fax
  10. Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique d'Algerie
  11. Agence Nationale de Valorisation des Resultats de la Recherche et du Developpement Technologique
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