01/15/2019 to 01/14/2022

FREE aims to establish CBHE in LB, JR & SY through empowerment of women in HE. By improving number of female representation at university boards, FREE aims to promote a culture of gender equality in line with UN vision and agenda of 2030 to achieve sustainable development goals focusing on the 5th goal that is gender equality.
The project carries a strong originality in a stereotypical and patriarchal environment which is based on social and traditional predisposition represented by male dominated presence. The Project should provide female academics with the opportunity of being familiarized with different training and capacity building expertise and research trends and philosophies which are very new to this target group. Project FREE represents a new, innovative and promising product in a target market which is in high demand for this product, and ironically which also has high social and covert resistance for this product. Investigating the potential causes of female researchers’ underperformance and possible strategies for stimulating and motivating research is a new concept in Mediterranean region. The most important outcome for FREE is the Equality and Sustainability centres in 7 HEIs.

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