Capacity building for curricula modernization of Syrian and Lebanese HEIs and lifelong learning provision: towards sustainable NGOs management and operation with special focus on refugees

08/01/2019 to 07/31/2022

MORALE (joint project) will be implemented in Region 3 (Syria & Lebanon) and it will address the following E+ Priorities:

*Regional: Category A - CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT - Social and Behavioural Science + business Administration and - IMPROVING MANAGEMENT AND OPERATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS – Equity, access and democratisation of Higher Education.

General project objective: to build the capacities of Syrian & Lebanese HEIs to train a new generation of high skilled professionals in NGOs management & operation to enhance inclusion of refugees and the rebuilding of the South Mediterranean society.

Specific objectives:
-To provide the NGO labour market sector with high skilled professionals trained by PC HEIs to effectively manage & operate in NGO environments by means of modernising Social & Behavioural Services curricula and by offering LLL courses targeting NGOs professionals at PC HEIs

-Awareness-raising on the key role of HE plays in the provision of high level competences for future NGOs professionals & to strengthen inter-institutional cooperation among HEIs, NGOs and governments through networking actions

3 horizontal WPs have been defined to ensure the proper project implementation (WP1), the achievement of high quality results (WP7) & high project visibility, interaction & contribution by all target groups (WP6).

In addition:

WP2 NEEDS ANALYSIS will carry out a comprehensive analysis as basis for the project development in terms of PC HEIs ToT/replication, curricula modernisation & LLL creation.

WP3 BUILDING CAPACITIES will design, prepare and implement 4 ToT modules + their replications at PC HEIs. Replication is crucial to increase the impact of the action within PC HEIs (more staff trained) but also at national and at regional level.

WP4 CURRICULA ENHANCEMENT & DELIVERY will be focused on the improvement of PC HEIs existing bachelors in the Social & Behav. Science field, by creating new subjects (+ final project) related to sustainable NGOs management & operation (innovative features of delivery methodology + focus topics) within current study programmes. Students will achieve the competences to become high-qualified specialists to effective manage & operate NGOs.

WP5 LLL COURSES DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION will create 3 LLL courses (of 1 week) * PC HEI that will be delivered by blended methodology (face-to-face & virtual) targeting NGOs managers & staff. They will be key for the improvement of their managerial & operational performance that will impact on the quality and sustainability of NGOs activities.

MORALE responds to the undeniable need of giving the leading role to PC HEIs, becoming the driving force to generate qualified NGOs professionals and for the update of current NGOs professionals. This will be possible only with a strict cooperation between HEIs/NGOs + the endorsement of competent authorities.

MORALE will contribute to a paradigm shift, where HE education provision plays a key role towards sustainable development; by supporting the process of economic/social development, as opposed to sporadic &isolated professional training provided by international organisations.

Curriculum Development, Conflict management
Beirut Arab University
  1. Beirut Arab University
  3. University of Oldenburg
  4. Lebanese University
  5. Alma Mater Studorium - Universita di Bologna
  6. Modern University of Business and Science (MUBS)
  8. International university for Science & Technology
  9. Damascus University
  10. Arab International University
  11. Al Rashied Association
Geographical Area: