Dynamic Social & Media Content Syndication for 2nd Screen

10/01/2013 to 11/01/2016

Today’s generation of internet devices has changed how users are interacting with media. From passive
and unidirectional users to proactive and interactive. Users can comment or rate a TV show and search for
related information regarding characters, facts or personalities. They do this with both friends and wider social
communities. This phenomenon is known as 2nd Screen. Another coupled phenomenon is Content Syndication,
a field of Digital Marketing, where digital content is created once and delivered to different marketing channels
at the same time. In today’s 2nd Screen environment there are no true standards, protocols or common ways
in which users can discover and access information related to consumed contents. Users have to initiate
information searches by using eg Google to "participate" in the show. European enterprises wishing to provide
services are restricted by a lack of business intelligence that can be applied with a view to profit from and
enrich this market. SAM will change this by developing an advanced social media delivery platform based on
2nd Screen and Content Syndication within a Social Media context. Providing open and standardised ways
of characterising, discovering, syndicating media assets interactively. Users will prosume digital assets from
different syndicated sources and synchronised devices (e.g. Connected TVs) thus creating richer experiences
around media. SAM's innovation is that instead of users reaching for the data; it is the data, which reaches the
user through the syndication approach and their 2nd screen. This is based on the creation of dynamic social
communities related to the user and digital asset context (e.g. profiles, preferences or devices). SAM will be
able to capture and analyse valuable business intelligence which can be used to efficientize and monetarise
the process for providers of assets and broadcast material and enrich as well as amplify the process for the
consumer. SAM: "Socialising Around Media".

Educational Development, Innovation and Research Management, Internationalisation of Higher Education/Research
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