10/15/2010 to 10/14/2013

Due to the economic recession, many HEIs seek a balance between academic excellence and effective resources management, with a growing emphasis on Financial Management (FM). For complex institutions on minimal budgets, FM represents serious challenges as well as needing strategies for greater autonomy and transparency in the four target countries of the project, Jordan, Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian Territory and Syria. Hence, the HEIs now strive for a balance of efficient and quality FM management.

The general objective of UNAM is: To lend specific support to institutional demands for increased efficiency, autonomy and transparency in Financial Management (FM) in partnering Southern Neighbouring Area HEIs, in line with national schemes and regional Tempus priorities.

UNAM seeks support mechanisms to existing ideas in target HEIs with specific objectives:
To develop transparent financial culture promoting decentralisation & financial autonomy
To create a platform for dialogue through a recognised regional network of HEI Managers to exchange good practice in FM;
To sustainably strengthen managerial, strategic, admin & technical capacities in eight SNA HEIs through targeted trainings, development of strategies & technical support systems for effective FM by 2013.

Financial Management of HEIs
  1. Saarland University
  3. Beirut Arab University
  4. Modern University for Business and Science
  5. Princess Sumaya University for Technology
  6. Palestine Polytechnic University
  7. An-najah National University
  8. Universita degli Studi di Genova - UNIGE
  9. World University Service Austrian Committee
  10. Al-Hussein Bin Talal University
  11. Albaath University
  12. Aleppo University
  13. FH Joanneum
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