International Project Management

Thanks to the experience acquired due to the high amount of funds raised in the framework of a huge variety of programmes from public and private donors, OGPI staff provides professional and personalised support in all the areas related to project management. Our background accumulated over the years and the extensive and highly diverse contact network built up across Europe and the globe guarantee the success of your project. Some of our main fields of action are visibility of projects and results, the exploitation of the results obtained through the investigation, quality control & sustainability, management, lobbying, communication, etc.



Title Development of Policy-Oriented Training Programmes in the Context of the European Integration

Date Oct 2012 to Apr 2016

Coordinator University of Belgrade

Programme TEMPUS


Title Enhancement of Jordan- European S&T Partnership

Date Oct 2012 to Sep 2015

Coordinator 3D-Environmental Change

Programme FP7


Title Strengthening of Internationalisation Policies at Universities

Date Dec 2013 to Nov 2016

Programme TEMPUS