Communication & networking

Many projects do not reach the expected results due to a poor choice of communication channels, a misleading message, too much information or inefficient intermediary actors. OGPI is concerned about the importance of addressing the correct message to the right audience and knows exactly how to design, implement, secure and manage the most suited communication and networking strategy to your institution. Moreover, we take the experience gained in more than 145 projects and a worldwide network composed by over 500 collaborators to achieve the final target successfully. From the best partners and collaborators that should integrate your consortium, to the potential attendees that will make your project widely known, OGPI has the tools and expertise needed to make the best of your project not only as a project coordinator, but also as partner in charge of dissemination and communication activities.


Title Common Good First - Digital Storytelling for Social Innovation

Date Oct 2016 to Oct 2019

Coordinator Glasgow Caledonian University

Programme ERASMUS+


Comunicación y Visibilidad para el Plan de Nación 2010-2022

Date Jun 2012 to Dec 2014

Programme EUROPE AID