At its final stage the University of Alicante organized last Tuesday, 29th of June, Digital Humanist multiplier event. The objective was showcase the intellectual outputs developed in the framework of the project in the national version. The event took place online and attracted 13 participants from different areas: university professors, archaeologists, specialist in conservation of architectural heritage, manager of cultural assets and director of museum. It was chaired by Daniel Tejerina, project key researcher, where he presented the role of the University of Alicante and main results achieved in cooperation with the department of the Virtual Heritage (Patrimonio Virtual)

On last Monday,28th of June, Erasmus+ project Digital Humanist held its Final event. Due to the current COVID situation it was organised online with the participation of 9 partner institutions from 5 EU countries (Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and Poland). From the University of Alicante Daniel Tejerina, main researcher, and Olga Bloshchinska, project manager, participated. The main objective of this meeting was for each partner, to present their experience in the project and the results obtained in the experimental phase. The overall impact of the project is considered as high and has been positively evaluated by each institution.

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